Welcome to my Campaign

The System – We are using D&D 5e, base books only, with some additional racial options based on the setting. The world is generally xenophobic against anything that looks monstrous, so if you want to play a dragonkin, tiefling, astral giant*, or orc, be prepared to be persecuted by the other races.

The Setting – You live on a continent/“World” called Bayitheim. There are two primary human kingdoms who neighbor one another, Altur Rang and The Lands of Libris that will be focus for the beginning of the campaign. There is also an elven forest, lands infested with orcs, a desert inhabited by halflings and strange giants, and tundra where the dwarves reside cut off from the rest of their history.

Magic is also looked at suspiciously and in some lands it is illegal to use or requires special permission from the local authority.

Right now Altur Rang, a Theocratic Monarchy holds a contested border on three fronts. To the south dwell the orcs who hold a vast forest and constantly attack and harass Altur Rang. To the East is The Lands of Libris, a Republic within a maze of valleys and mountains dedicated to the preservation of freedom and justice. And a brewing rebellion from within, people who are fighting against a tyrannical government for their very lives.

Altur Rang – Altur Rang has a tyranical king who is also the head of their religion. His arm of the law are inquisitors who enforce his will even in other lands of deemed of a religious nature. Their basic duties are to root out heretics and generally destroy them, heretics are anyone who uses magic unless given special dispensation, anyone who worships no deity or an evil one, and to stand in as judges for trials if they are available to do so.

The lands of Altur Rang are harsh and dry, the cities are over populated and full of squalor, famine and drought plague the land pushing regular people into poor living conditions. While peasants die in the streets the noble class dine on the finest wines, plate their property in gold, and feast daily.

A Legacy of Evil

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