A Legacy of Evil

Character Creation

We are using the base Players Handbook only, no splat books please.

Starting Stats
Point buy 27 points
nothing can go higher than 15 everything starts at 8

Stat Bought / Points Spent
15 = 9
14 = 7
13 = 5
12 = 4
11 = 3
10 = 2
9 = 1
8 = 0

For a complete list of options you can also check out this link.
Stat Arrays

In most cultures monstrous humanoids are stigmatized and can lead to a lot of trouble, there are of course role play benefits to playing a character like that, please just keep that in mind as you choose a race.

People that use magic are also stigmatized by most humans, the exception to this are clerics and paladins. Using magic in public can have stiff penalties if done in the wrong place and if people suspect you of being a magic user it could lead to bad social interactions. Feel free to be any class, but I would suggest limiting you public use of magic as it will keep you out of a lot of trouble.


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